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Peer Review Process

Logos: Revista de Lingüística, Filosofía y Literatura



Articles submitted to Revista Logos are subject to double blind revision (the evaluator does not know who the author is, and vice versa). The article first passes through an editorial review to ensure it has not been previously published. During this phase the work is analyzed in order to identify and prevent plagiarism by means of specialized software (see Publication Ethics and Publication Statement of Conduct and Best Practices).


Articles submitted will then be subject to a formal evaluation, in which the Editorial Board will analyze whether the article complies with the journal’s publication format (see Guidelines for Authors and Formal Aspects Checklist). Formal assessment will not exceed 7 days. Then the authors will have a maximum of 14 additional days to edit the formal aspects of the article.


If the article fully complies with the format guidelines, then it will pass to content evaluation. The editors select from different scientific databases two expert reviewers from the associated academic field. These evaluators write a report and make a recommendation to the editor regarding the possibility of publishing the article. The evaluation results will be considered by the publishers to decide whether the article is rejected, accepted with major modifications, accepted with minor modifications, or accepted without modification. In case the evaluators disagree, the editor may select a third evaluator. The processing time for content evaluation should not exceed 60 days. The processing time for both formal and content evaluation should not exceed 90 days.


Once the final result is communicated to the authors, they will have a maximum of 30 days to make any changes required by the Editorial Board. In order to encourage evaluators, a record will be made regarding the quality and promptness of the referee evaluations. The best rated referees will be prioritized for evaluation and publication when submitted as authors.


Depending on the amount of articles received, the editors will define the volume, year, and number of final publication.

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