Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest Statement and Author Agreement Form




I ....................., author of the article entitled....................., which is submitted with the intention of being evaluated for possible publication in Logos: Journal of Linguistics, Philosophy and Literature, in compliance with the requirements established as duties of authors, declare that:



1) All the information presented in the article corresponds to reality and has not been deliberately altered.


2) The information presented in this article is labeled in a way that allows access and verification.


3) This article is an original and unpublished work and all references to other authors are appropriately established.


4) Any conflict of interest has been appropriately specified in the article.







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Universidad de la Serena. Departamento de Artes y Letras. Facultad de Humanidades. Avenida Raúl Bitrán 1305. Campus Andrés Bello. Colina el Pino. La Serena. CHILE.